About Us

NU IMAGE…Why NU IMAGE, because we strip panels to their “NU”de state and give them an incredible new look, a « NU » IMAGE.

Founded in Montreal 15 years ago, we have an experienced team that refurbishes panels, paint boxes, works with melamine, and installs everything in your offices.

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We have multiple lots of chairs, filers, boxes and over 1500 panels ready to be refurbished to your tates in our 10,000 sq. ft. workshop.

Yves Brisebois and Eric Villiard will be glad to count you among their many customers, such as Danone, Warjax, Air Canada and more. These two entrepreneurs will be glad to help your SMB save money with this ecological solution!

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By choosing NU IMAGE, you are opting for a stylish, yet ecological solution! Our filing cabinets, filers and boxes are refurbished just like all our panels.

Earn your LEED points with your office furniture, while spending much less with NU IMAGE!




This isn’t used.

We recycle used panels and return them looking brand new! We cut, paint and refurbish Hasworth panels to give you the desired quantity, dimensions, color and look. And it looks brand new!


Ecological Solution

Think LEED and earn your points by using refurbished furniture!


Complete furnishing

We have absolutely everything needed to furnish an office, from your reception desk to the executive offices and conference room. We have new, refurbished and used furniture! You only need to ask.


Personalized Service.

We have your project at heart. Yves and Eric will personally ensure that your project goes smoothly.

Complete Service

We offer layout planning, furniture and partitions design, delivery and installation for your project. From A to Z!

15 years of experience.

We have been in business for over 15 years and have a satisfied customer base with which we have built solid relationships based on mutual trust. Call us now and we will be glad to count you among our partners.

Our computer systems.

Our AutoCAD and Giza 20/20 services, and our CNC saw will ensure that you receive the professional service that your deserve. Your confidence is important to us.

Quality Control.

All our furniture pieces are thoroughly inspected by our warehouse manager. Furthermore, installations are performed by our own in-house team.


With over 10,000 sq ft and 1500 panels in inventory, we are able to meet all your needs, small or large.