Our Services

We offer panels, partitions, office furniture and other products, but we can also help you on many other levels.

DELIVERY & INSTALLATION: Count on our experts to deliver and install your project in full peace of mind.

LAYOUT: In order to optimize your workspace according to your needs, we will plan an office layout that meets your requirements. We are able to work with your architect or designer to achieve a result that meets your expectations.

PAINT WORKSHOP: Our paint workshop is at your service in order give your plastic or metal accessories a second life. Your crates and filing cabinets will be revitalized and will match your workspace.

RELOOKING: Do you only wish to revitalize your existing furniture? We are able to upograde your existing panels on-site during evenings and weekends. Your furniture will have a new, up-to-date look without having to pause production.

Workplace furniture RENTAL: We offer furniture rental services. Whether for long or short term, for a temporary location or a small project, we have solutions that will meet your needs. Call us for a quote.

WAREHOUSING: You can place your workplace furniture or other objects in our warehouse for short or long term storage.

Looking forward to be of service!